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Imaging center plans opening

November 10, 2005

The intersection of 110th Street and Parallel Parkway, a fast growing area in western Wyandotte County, will soon be home to another business seeking to capitalize on the customer base at Village West.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Providence Medical Center, Kansas City, Kan., and United Imaging Consultants, L.L.C., of Mission, broke ground on the Kansas City Imaging Center. The new facility, 11011 Haskell, is a joint venture that hospital and UIC representatives said will feature the most advanced imaging technology available for outpatient care.

The new facility encompasses 8,160 square feet and is scheduled to open in the summer. The project is expected to cost $2.6 million; the imaging equipment is estimated at $3.6 million.

The 110th Street/Parallel intersection has been a hotbed for commercial and retail growth throughout the past several months.

Last month, Country Club Bank opened its first Wyandotte County branch office in a two-story structure encompassing approximately 15,000 square feet. Also under development is Piper Plaza, a strip mall near the intersection, where several new businesses are opening.

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