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Police probe of baby’s injuries ends

November 10, 2005

No charges have been filed against a Basehor couple suspected of abusing an infant, and a criminal investigation into the matter has been halted.

Social workers continue to monitor the case, Basehor police said.

Last month, a 4-month-old baby was admitted to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., for injuries that may have been inflicted by family members, police said. The injuries included bruising around the infant's left eye and a possible cracked rib.

The infant has returned home. His parents denied any wrongdoing in the matter, police said.

A second examination of the baby revealed that the rib was not broken, police said. However, the parents' explanation of how the child's eye was bruised is not consistent with the injury, Children's Mercy doctors told police.

A social worker from the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services in Leavenworth has been assigned to the case and installed a family-safety plan. The social worker has the right to make periodic, unannounced visits to the child's home.

The baby's father is not to have any unsupervised contact with the child until Dec. 18.

As of now, the case is under the supervision of SRS, Basehor police department detective Lloyd Martley said.

Social workers will compile a report and submit it to the police department when the evaluation period and safety plans are completed, Martley added.

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