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Seniors gobble up Thanksgiving dinner

November 17, 2005

Though Thanksgiving was almost two weeks away, about 120 senior citizens turned out Friday for turkey at the Lansing High School Leadership group's annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Seniors were treated in the Lansing High School commons to a classic Thanksgiving meal of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, prepared by the food service staff at the school.

"This dinner is the closest thing to homemade you can find," said Bill Brockenshire, who attended Friday's event. "It's a fine dinner every year."

Brockenshire and his wife, Joan, said they had come to the dinner for about four years. Joan said the couple, who moved to the area in 1995, got to know the community by attending.

Guests were treated to a show in addition to the meal. The LHS Sound Spectrum choir performed three songs, and a small female ensemble sang "O Holy Night."

Joan Brockenshire said the students "put on a good performance."

Other seniors gave positive reviews of the program as well. Mary Jo Hardin, Leavenworth, attended for the first time this year and was impressed.

"The kids are doing a great job," she said.

Hardin was invited by her friend Nellie Lamont, who said she had been coming to the event for four years and whose grandson Chris Wagner is a senior at LHS.

The planning that took place in order to produce the event was evident to some guests.

"It was wonderful. A lot of work was put into this," said Rusty Powell, who said she had attended for three years.

The dinner was a project executed by seniors in the Leadership group and two juniors, Heather and Holly Schwind. Holly said she and her sister were included "so that we can know what's going on next year," when their class is in charge of the event.

Holly said she enjoyed the dinner.

"I really like it because it gets us involved with the community of all ages," she said, "and everyone seems to really like it, too."


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