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Field trip trains students about history

October 20, 2005

It was all-aboard for a field trip Tuesday where Lansing Elementary School first-graders learned about trains and Lansing history.

Students in Nancy Collard's and Jennifer Leitsch's first-grade classes hopped aboard a "train" - a single file line - and walked to Lansing Community Library, 108 S. Second St., and Lansing Historical Museum, 115 E. Kansas Ave.

Collard, dressed to resemble a train conductor with a striped hat, overalls and a red bandanna, read to the students at the library. Following the theme of the day, students heard "Terrific Trains," "Mail Train," "Clickety Clack" and "Train Song."

Students also toured the library with librarian Darlene Dean, who showed them where to find age-appropriate books and Advanced Reading materials. When she mentioned that the library has movies to loan, students became jittery with excitement.

Dean also told students how they could check out movies and books: "Come back with your parents" and apply for a library card.

At the library, the first-graders were joined by Lisa Dewayne's fourth-grade class, who are reading buddies to Collard's students. Together, the group was off to the historical museum, blowing pretend train whistles along the way.

Students toured the building, created train murals, sung songs about trains and ate snacks at the museum. Students drew all types of trains in the mural, including some with animals' heads sticking out of the top and others puffing, "choo choo." Others drew bridges over mountains for trains to travel on.

"This could be called a train yard because there are lots of trains," Collard commented about the mural.

Collard, who organized the trip, said the focus was trains and Lansing history. She said she had prepared her class for the trip by reading books and watching videos. The class discussed what is freight, tank cars and train depots before departing on the trip.

"It seems pretty valuable to do advance study," she said.

She said she enjoyed the walking tour because of the "perfect" fall weather.

At the end of the trip, many students said the fact that stuck out to them that day was that playing around railroad tracks can be dangerous.

Emma Hall, one of Collard's students, added that one should never try to jump onto a moving train.

"If you miss, you can fall on your back and break a bone," she said.


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