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October 27, 2005

To the editor:

Lansing Correctional Facility is a major part of the culture of Lansing and the surrounding area.

For the past 17 years it has been my neighbor. I have witnessed the prisoners and staff doing all kinds of jobs and tasks to make Lansing more progressive. The prison has been a major part of our history and continues to be a major force in our economy.

What many people may not realize is the positive efforts that LCF has on our local schools. As a teacher at Lansing High School, I have seen how the inmates and staff of Lansing Correctional facility have provided numerous educational opportunities to my social studies students. They have been an invaluable resource for Lansing High School's drug awareness program and Student Leadership council activities, and they provide aid and insight for courses such as sociology and psychology.

Warden Dave McKune, assistant warden Kyle Deere as well as executive officer Brett Peterson have not only provided professional support of our school's activities but have spent countless hours volunteering their services to the education of our children. Through their leadership, Lansing Correctional Facility and the entire staff have been a vital part of our community, and I would like to publicly commend them for their efforts and let our community know what a tremendous resource they provide to our schools.

Kevin Riemann



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