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History moments

October 27, 2005

Have you ever gone through pictures and wondered who the individuals were or where the picture was taken or when?

It is so easy to say, "Oh, I'll never forget this person," or "I'll never forget that vacation or place we visited."

Pictures are just as important as the words we say or the stories we tell about things that happened in our lives. We can't make history better, but we can record it better. All the pictures we take today and all the stories we tell will be tomorrow's history, but it has to be recorded.

Go through your pictures and make notes as to who they are and what the occasion was and the date. Our museum has many pictures of faces without names.

One of my biggest regrets is not being able to remember in detail some of the stories my grandparents and parents told. Nowadays we have technology of recorders and videos, and we should really take advantage of that for our future generations.

We do have a tendency to put off tasks. Have you ever had an idea that was not recorded or acted upon and eventually went along the wayside and forgotten? I have come up with a few sayings that pertain to such behavior:

Someday. Why didn't we? Why don't we? Will we ever? As soon as. Later. If only. I wish I would have. I'll do this in my next life. Tomorrow. Next week. Next year.

Will that day ever come?

Now here are a few more positive tasks we can work on: That day is here. We can do it now. We can always do it. This is a good thing. Join me now. We can do it together. We are making history. Take a picture at work. Take a picture of your house and yard and trees and flowers. Take a picture of you neighborhood and neighbors, the clubs you belong to, sporting events. Make albums with identification of everything. Write it down.

Make your own "history moment!"


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