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Leavenworth garage relocates to Main Street

Dasher Garage adds mechanic with opening in Lansing

September 8, 2005

There's a new business open in Lansing, and it's already hopping.

Dasher Garage opened at its new location Aug. 29 at 210 Main St. after closing shop at its Leavenworth location, 815 Railroad Ave., the previous Friday.

"We've been busy as heck," owner Danny Asher said.

Asher said he'd had 10 new customers in the new shop's first five days, and a total of 73 customers as of Tuesday.

Asher's new space brings with it the advantage of a clientele base established over three and a half years, but the new location may well bring in fresh customers, such as the one Asher said had been waiting eight months for the shop to open.

Asher said he was able to bring all the equipment from the old location to the new.

"Nothing in the shop is older than two years," Asher said. "We've been buying equipment in preparation for this."

The garage employs eight people, six of whom are mechanics. Kevin Asher, Danny's son, is shop foreman.

Kevin Asher said it would be at least a couple weeks before all the equipment and supplies from the old shop were organized. On Tuesday, much of the shop's supplies - metal rods, antifreeze and tools - were on the south third of the floor of the 8,000-square-foot space.

The old Dasher garage measured about 2,800 square feet.

"Where we were before, we had to a lot of stuff outside," the senior Asher said.

In addition to organizing and putting away equipment and supplies, other work is still being completed on the site.

The lot between the garage and Main Street is in the process of being graded in preparation for construction of the Old Town Development. Danny Asher said he was in negotiations with unspecified prospective tenants and that construction wouldn't begin until lease agreements are secured.

Danny Asher said he kept all the employees from the old shop, hired an additional mechanic and probably would hire two more mechanics.

The garage offers every kind of auto repair except body work, Danny Asher said. That service is offered next door, he pointed out, at Main Street Auto Body and Tow, 212 Main St., which is owned by his brother, Randy Asher.


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