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History of good health

September 15, 2005

We have been told from childhood to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, and get eight hours of sleep. It sounds simple, but it does not always happen.

When I was young, the only fruits and vegetables available in the winter were what my mother canned during the summer months. Very few fresh fruits and vegetables were available in the grocery stores during the winter. Therefore we did not have the habit of eating fresh foods except when they were in season. Almost everyone in Lansing had his or her own garden. There is no excuse now for not eating fresh fruits and vegetables the year round.

I was fortunate to have a job where I got plenty of exercise, eight, 10 or sometimes 12 hours a day in the dairy from age 15 to 50. Not everyone has that kind of a job, but exercise is important for good health. Sleep is another matter; I went on three or four hours of sleep for years - not a good thing.

Our lives roll along and we don't pay much attention to our health until we get sick, then we want the doctors to fix things. We all think that we can eat or do anything we want, that diseases always happen to the other guy. Not so. Even before we have been diagnosed with a disease, we need to do everything we can to build up our immune system. All products that we buy have an ingredient label. How many times do we really take the time to read these labels?

Don't wait until you are older than 75 years old to find out that you don't eat right. Eating 14 hamburgers a day like I once did always gets a laugh at a party but didn't make much sense healthwise. There are many things we can do, along with doctors, to return to good health.

Hug your family and friends and reach across the fence and pet the dog next door if you don't have one of your own. Look at the sunrise or sunset and keep a positive attitude.


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