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Leadership alumna takes reins as sponsor

September 15, 2005

Sarah Wise says she's still learning the ropes of leading a Leadership class, but she hopes to make the transition as Lansing High School's new Leadership sponsor a smooth one.

Wise has taken over as the sole sponsor of the Leadership class from Kevin Riemann, who started the group in 1996. Wise was co-sponsor of the group last year and a member of it while she was a student at LHS. She graduated in 1998.

Though Wise said it was "too early to say" if she would make any big changes in the group, she had come up with a few small revisions to make the class seem fresh, she said. For one, Wise said she would teach the students more leadership skills.

But she's not ready for an overhaul.

"My main plan is to maintain what they've done," she said.

On top of letting the well-oiled Leadership machine roll along as usual, Wise said she would try to promote and explain the concept of the Leadership group to the community and to other schools.

"They know it's here, but they don't know what these kids do," she said.

Because Leadership is a graded class, Wise said she would evaluate her students each quarter based on a paper, a presentation and participation. She said the students would create a portfolio of their work, and she also would keep an eye out for "leadership skills I can see" from students while they do their projects, she said.

"I'm trying to teach them to be leaders for life and not just in the school setting," she said.


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