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LGTV adds weather readings

September 22, 2005

Weather watchers now can tune into the city's LGTV Channel 2 for up-to-the-minute condition reports.

Workers with Lenexa-based Key West Technology installed a Mark III Rainwise weather station on Tuesday atop City Hall. The equipment transmits readings that will be instantaneously broadcast on a scroll on LGTV.

"It's probably more accurate than (KMBC chief meteorologist) Bryan Busby," said Rich Liston, who installed the equipment.

The solar-powered station is equipped to transmit time, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction and wind speed, 24-hour and monthly rainfall totals, maximum and minimum temperatures for a 24-hour period and for the month and wind chill, among other readings.

The city's Cable Advisory Board, which oversees the operation of LGTV, approved purchase of the station, said Shanae Randolph, the city's Economic Development /Convention and Visitors Bureau director.

"They wanted to add a new element to the channel," Randolph said. "They saw this, were excited about it and wanted to bring it on this year."

The city paid $1,500 for the station, which included installation and technical assistance.

"The committee had been thinking about this for a while," City Administrator Mike Smith said. "It's definitely affordable, so here we go."

Randolph said the city's hope is to be able to interface the equipment with the city's Web site so that Internet users also will be able to get up-to-the-minute Lansing weather readings.

"We have to learn how to use it, but we'll work toward that," she said.


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