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Retreat to map district’s goals

September 29, 2005

Lansing school board members will meet Saturday morning for a preliminary discussion about the future of Lansing School District.

On the agenda are several possible topics for discussion about the board's vision and goals for the district, including building projects, transportation, long-range planning and teacher retention, and "other topics for the good of the district."

Board president Brian Bode said at least three hours of the meeting would be freewheeling discussions about each board member's goals for the district and how to achieve them. He said district patrons were welcome to stop by.

"During vision and goals (discussions), it's going to be open and free to have at us," he said. "Pretty much anyone that wants to talk's gonna have the floor."

What is most likely to come out of the meeting is a plan to form a strategic planning committee to look at the long-term needs and goals of the district, Bode said. He said the board would discuss whom to include on the committee and how to get people and groups involved.

There will be no action taken at Saturday's meeting, Bode said. He said the board would "loosely decide things" Saturday and take action at the board's next regular monthly meeting on Oct. 10. At that meeting, Bode said he expected the board to vote to form a strategic planning committee.

Saturday's meeting is just the beginning of a long, involved process, Bode said.

"If we get a strategic plan approved by the end of the school year, I would think we've done really well," he said. "It's going to be a major project."

The board retreat will be held from 8 a.m. to noon at the Sallie Zoll School meeting room. Sallie Zoll is the third-grade building at Lansing Elementary School, 210 E. Mary St.


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