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Cell phone necessity?

April 6, 2006

To the editor:

Regarding the March 30 article on cell phones: I am happy to report that my seventh-grader is a deprived child. He does not have a cell phone. Nor does he have Playstation, Game Cube, a TV in his room, an iPod or his own computer. I have not conceded defeat and given my third-grader a phone to cart around the neighborhood. I don't mind calling her friends' parents; with our overscheduled, overcontrolled and overstressed lives, it is important to me to keep in touch with the other mothers in the neighborhood.

I agree cell phones are a safety issue. They are a menace and a danger to kids who insist on talking on them while driving, walking, going upstairs, etc. A distracted child on a cell phone would be a much easier target to abduct.

Cell phones encourage rudeness and inconsideration in a generation that sometimes is lacking in the manners and respect department.

What happened to the school office phone, or a pay phone for that matter? If practice is running late, what a great opportunity for parents to sit back for a few minutes and watch their child from afar rather than complaining about the few moments they have to wait.

Cell phones are just one more way to disconnect us from the great ladies in the front office, the mothers in the neighborhood and face-to-face communication.

Children do not need cell phones. They need to learn to communicate without them, IM (instant messaging) and iPods, to name a few. Parents have been effectively trained by their children that these things are a must have.

The more of these things children have, the less control parents have over what they are doing and what they are getting into. That is the real issue and the most important one.

Dr. Catherine Grote



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