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Safety is primary

April 6, 2006

To the editor:

Many County Road 1 residents and other Leavenworth County taxpayers are attempting to halt the turnpike interchange until such time as all necessary road and bridge construction from Eudora to Tonganoxie has been completed.

We want the county commissioners to understand that safety is the primary issue.

The commissioners say we voted for the interchange when the sales tax issue passed in April 2005. All of Leavenworth County should benefit from this new tax. There are many road improvements to be made, bridges to repair and new maintenance equipment, etc. needed - not for the sole purpose of an entrance to the turnpike. How can the use of the sales tax be justified to the other area residents?

We have not seen engineering or environmental impact studies or a bid for estimated cost. As it stands now, only the bit of County Road 1 north of the proposed turnpike is to be upgraded.

County Road 1 south of the turnpike to Eudora has more residences, a railroad crossing and a bridge over the river. Most of these homes are built closer to the existing road. These residents will face more traffic and grater safety concerns if the project is not done properly. For safety's sake, the entire project should be completed before an exchange is built. You don't have to live on County Road 1 to be affected by this project.

We know the exchange will be built, but please not until all of County Road 1 has been upgraded.

Roger Shilling



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