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Scovy’ Awards laud students’ accomplishments, blunders

April 20, 2006

At sunset on Good Friday, a well-placed book wedged open a door to the empty high school.

Behind it, in a darkened room down a shadowy hall, they met by candlelight, dressed in black. They gathered to induct members and to celebrate a millennia-old tradition: theater.

Carla Scovill, Lansing High School Drama Club sponsor, presided over the ceremony to induct eight new LHS students into the International Thespian Society, after which she presented the 2006 "Scovy" Awards, each recognizing a different accomplishment - or blunder - of Drama Club members during the year.

Lauren Summers, LHS junior, was one of the newly initiated. Through long hours of preparation and performance over the past three years, Summers finally qualified for induction into the mysterious ranks.

"It's kind of like a secret society," Summers said. "We had to work really hard to get into it.

"It was really exciting. We had to memorize some stuff, and all week they've been asking us to write poems about drama or find out fun facts."

Summers has been working for the honor since she learned about it.

"When I was a freshman, I watched my friends all get initiated and have to go through the process," Summers said. "I looked up to them; it was really amazing."

Among the privileges of those initiated into the International Thespian Society, Summers said the best were receiving a magazine called Dramatics and the prestige for college applications, plus "a lot of respect from the people in Drama Club."

Summers already is looking forward, excited to spend her senior year with Scovill.

"Ms. Scovill is a really great sponsor," Summers said. "We look forward to another fun year."

Scovill has returned as Drama Club sponsor after taking a break from the position for several years. She created the "Scovy" Awards when she realized there was too little time in the all-school awards assembly.

"I thought, for performances you have Emmys, Tonys, Grammys, so, I thought, I'm gonna make it 'Scovys,'" she said. "Even if they didn't get the best actor or senior award or novice, every kid gets an award."

Honors included the "Don't Give Up Your Day Job" Award, the "Tardy Girl" Award, the "I Went to The Slammer For Drama Club" Award and "Best White Guy as a Gang Leader" Award.

Scovill has been the Drama Club sponsor for many of the years since she began at LHS in 1980. She said it is a challenge to balance the hours needed to bring productions together with the students' ever-increasing workloads.

"Everyone is just so overcommitted it's like everything is on fast pace all the time. But they're amazing the way they put these (ceremonies) together in just, like, two days."

Since the Scovy Awards ring in the close of LHS drama season, Scovill, like Summers, is looking ahead.

Nearly half of the 60 Drama Club members gathered in her candlelit room that evening, but Scovill said she thinks they can do better.

"It is so much fun to have everybody together," Scovill said "We just reminisce about all the goofy things we did all year.

"I don't know what it was like the last few years. I'm hoping that next year we can get even more."


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