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Notre Dame next for budding engineer

April 27, 2006

Here's something you don't often hear from a high school student - or anyone else, for that matter: "I wish I had taken chem II."

But Lansing High School senior Jessica Riese said just that when considering what high school classes may help her in the career she's planning to enter.

Riese, after she graduates next month, will attend the University of Notre Dame, like her father and brothers, to be an engineer, like her father and brothers.

Her father is a systems engineer; one of her brothers is an aerospace engineer, and the other is studying computer engineering. Riese plans to study chemical engineering because it "sounded most interesting," she said.

Riese said engineering appealed to her because she likes math and science. Plus, it's becoming a family tradition.

"I guess it's what we're good at," Riese said.

Riese said she was looking forward to the college experience, even though she would be leaving her friends - and her car - behind. In South Bend, Ind., the only familiar face she'll see will be her brother's. And she hopes she'll be able to borrow his car because freshmen aren't allowed to have their own at the private, Catholic college.

She said she was dreading the cold weather that is inevitable in South Bend, but she's willing to overlook it to attend Notre Dame, which she said was always her top choice.

"It's such a nice school," Riese said.

Jessica Riese

Parents: Lt. Col. Stephen and Velora Riese

Favorite teacher ever: Dan Wessel, Leadership Media, Lansing High School. He gives us the opportunity to be successful and leaves it up to us to take that opportunity and achieve great things.

Best advice received: Don't ask for a lighter load, pray for a stronger back.

What she'll miss most about high school: Being able to drive around with my friends - freshmen aren't allowed to have cars at Notre Dame!


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