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Sanity returning?

April 27, 2006

To the editor:

Recently the House Appropriations Committee added an amendment to the omnibus appropriations bill prohibiting funds for in-state tuition for illegal aliens. This might be the beginning of a return of sanity to our Legislature.

Two years ago the Legislature granted in-state tuition to illegal aliens on certain conditions. This cruel, if unintentional, hoax uses Kansas tax money to reward those who have violated federal laws and who will, because of this inducement, further violate those laws by remaining in the country after reaching 18.

The Legislature decreed that to remain "eligible" for the in-state rate they must pursue legitimization of their status. Unfortunately, contacting the Immigration and Naturalization Service will get them deported as the only way to "legitimize" status is to return to the country of origin and apply for a visa - like all other aliens who want legitimate status in this country.

Worse, if they remain in this country for more than a year after they reach 18 they will be not only eligible for deportation, they will be ineligible to return for 10 years. Once they graduate from school they will be unable to find work in this country.

The Wall Street Journal last week reported that employers are not interested in hiring illegals with college degrees.

So, other than feeling good about spending your money, what did the Legislature accomplish with this giveaway? That is other than better-educated aliens who must leave the country to use their degrees and avoid jail or deportation. For this, another American student was denied a place in school? For this, the people of Kansas have had their taxes and their tuition raised?

The people need to ask their legislators for some straight answers about where the money is going and whose benefit they are looking out for.

Steve Fitzgerald



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