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Tree City USA

Lansing goes for 7th designation

April 27, 2006

The city of Lansing isn't resting on its laurels when it comes to being a Tree City USA.

"We just got notified we were named a Tree City USA for the sixth year; we're working to try to get it for a seventh year," said Jason Crum, as he toted a bag of mulch for a tree the city planted during an Arbor Day ceremony Thursday at the Lansing Historical Museum.

Crum and members of his department planted a 12-foot eastern redbud just to the east of the museum's deck. While they were going through their paces, Crum explained the proper way to plant a burlap-bagged tree:

¢ Dig a hole deep enough so that the crown of the bag is level with the top of the hole.

¢ Place the tree in the hole.

¢ Remove any rope or wire on the tree or burlap.

¢ Determine that the tree is straight in the ground.

¢ Fill the hole with dirt.

¢ Encircle the tree with a "dam" using pieces of sod from when the hole was dug.

¢ Place a generous amount of mulch within the "dam" and around the tree, keeping the mulch from actually touching the tree if possible.

¢ Put up temporary supports for the newly-planted tree using T-posts, wire and rubber hosing.

¢ Water generously.

The Tree City USA program is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service.

To earn the designation, the city must meet four standards: having a tree board or department; a tree-care ordinance; a comprehensive community forestry program; and an Arbor Day observance.

More than 100 cities in Kansas are recognized as a Tree City USA.


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