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What’s good for fort is good for Lansing

April 27, 2006

Kansas Lt. Gov. John Moore is scheduled to be in town tonight to talk about the Governor's Military Council and its efforts to support and expand the U.S. military bases in Kansas, including Fort Leavenworth.

As part of his presentation to the Lansing City Council, Moore is expected to ask for a one-year commitment of $9,200 from the city. It's an investment well worth the cost to taxpayers.

Already, the council has received commitments of $50,000 per base from the Fort Riley, Forbes Field and McConnell Air Base communities. The state is chipping in $220,000 this year. The remaining $50,000 for the Fort Leavenworth communities is being solicited from Leavenworth, Leavenworth County and Lansing.

Drive anywhere in this city, and you'll find the familiar tags on vehicles showing their affiliation with Fort Leavenworth. The importance of the base to this area's economy is without question. Investing $9,200 to help protect - or maybe expand - the base is a small price to pay.


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