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Andrews to see best in USA

August 3, 2006

No matter what your age, a trip to Disney World is a big deal.

But 12-year-old Rowdy Andrews is not particularly stoked about riding roller coasters or hitting the internationally-themed stops at Epcot Center. Instead, Andrews has his sights set on playing at Disney's Wide World of Sports Stadium in the USSSA Elite 24 World Series with his Kansas City Stix baseball teammates.

"I'm looking forward to seeing better teams and facing better pitching," Andrews said. "But I want to go to the parks and stuff like that, too."

Andrews and his family departed Friday for Orlando, Fla. After a weekend of visiting the Disney parks and relaxing poolside, Andrews planned to meet up with his teammates Sunday evening. They began pool play Monday. Double-elimination bracket started Wednesday.

Andrews said he was excited to see opponents other than the usual Kansas and Missouri foes that dot the Stix' regular schedule.

"You want to see California and New York," he said.

Andrews and Kansas City area teammates Taylor Brooks, Nick Elmore, Andy Keck, Kyle Rutliff, Chad Spring, Drew Standifer, Zach Thompson, Zach Tyson, Matt Varley, Alec Witt and Aaron McCandless qualified for the World Series by winning the USSSA Major MO-KAN State Championship.

"It's good competition here," Andrews said of baseball in Kansas City. "But we're excited because we know it's going to be a whole lot better down there."

Of all the things Andrews is looking forward to on the trip, on thing stands out more than others.

"I'd like to see the kids hit," he said. "I want to see the power hitters. Kids our age are killing the ball 300-and-something (feet), and that's something we're not supposed to be doing. It just blows my mind."


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