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Council adopts budget

August 10, 2006

Lansing City Council unanimously approved the proposed 2007 budget at its Aug. 3 meeting, but members remained divided over one expense.

St. Vincent Clinic's request for $10,000 from the City of Lansing drew mixed opinions from council members. Some, like Ken Ketchum, believed funding the organization amounted to a good investment in the health of Lansing residents. The clinic reports it provided basic health services to more than 500 Lansing residents last year, many of whom had no health insurance.

But others, like Billy Blackwell, said they believed funding the clinic with residents' tax dollars was wrong. People should be able to choose which organizations they donate to - the city shouldn't do that for them, he said. Though he voted in favor of the funding for the coming year, Blackwell added he would like to see this kind of item put on the ballot in the future.

The clinic has requested money from the City of Lansing in the past and was allocated $10,000 in this year's budget. Previously, the level of assistance from the city had never been above $5,000.

In approving the budget, the council also OK'd a slight increase in the city's mill levy. Property taxes will be levied at a rate of 34.697 mills, which is 0.184 mills higher than was required for the 2006 budget.

A mill is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in assessed valuation.

Highlights in the City of Lansing 2007 budget:

General Fund

¢ Fulfilling a lease year for vehicles purchased in 2006, $54,395: Police Department.

¢ Hiring a recreation programmer, $29,000: Parks and Recreation.

¢ Hiring an additional police officer, $30,000: Police Department.

¢ Purchase of a compact utility vehicle for maintenance and mowing, $48,000: Parks and Recreation.

¢ Installation of a security fence around the police garage, $10,000: Police Department.

Special Highway

¢ Fulfilling a lease year for a tandem dump truck purchased in 2005, $31,800: Streets Department

¢ Installation of a security fence around the city service center, $21,000: Streets Department

¢ Purchase of a new street sweeper through a five-year lease, $37,558: Streets Department

Special Alcohol/Liquor

¢ Purchase of a new 12-passenger Ford multipurpose van, $35,000: Police Department

Wastewater Treatment

¢ Purchase of a compact telescopic forklift through a three year lease, $26,500

¢ Purchase of a hot-water pressure washer, $5,900

¢ Hiring a wastewater facility operator, $21,000


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