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Support beams arrive

August 17, 2006

With six of 13 support beams delivered, the Main Street construction remains on schedule as planned, but work on Seven-Mile Creek bridge might not finish this season.

The beams, which had been delayed pending Kansas Department of Transportation approval, arrived Saturday morning and were unloaded without incident.

"Everything as far as the delivery of the beams goes was A-OK," said Ken Miller, Main Street project liaison. "I heard it went pretty smooth."

The delivery of the beams was delayed from its original July 24 target and then three subsequent target dates were rescheduled. But despite the delay, Miller said contractors maintain there is a possibility that bridge work could be completed before the construction season is over.

"It's going to be tight in terms of getting the bridge done this season," Miller said. "I've been told not to rule it out, but I've also been told not to bet on it either."

But even if the bridge work continues into next construction season, Miller said the construction companies still would be well within their contract guidelines.

"It would be a mistake for people to think, 'Well, if they don't get the bridge done this season, then we're behind schedule," he said. "Everything is pretty much on schedule : obviously there was some concern."


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