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LHS ACT scores outpace state, national averages

August 24, 2006

Lansing High School students, despite a slight drop from the previous year, again have posted higher ACT assessment composite scores than the average state and national composite scores.

The 2005-'06 college assessment marks the 11th consecutive year LHS scores were higher than the state average and the 12th consecutive year LHS scores bested the national average.

LHS sophomores, juniors and seniors posted an average composite score of 22.5 on the ACT during five national testing dates. The average composite score for Kansas was 21.8 and the national average was 21.1.

The LHS composite score is down .1 from the 2004-'05 average of 22.6, the highest cumulative average for the school since the 1997 composite score of 22.7.

Meanwhile, the number of LHS students who took the test rose by almost 10 percent in one year from 105 to 115.

Lansing schools assistant superintendent Donna Hughes characterized the dropoff in scores as "not that significant. And she said it was difficult to pinpoint one single cause for the increase in students taking the ACT.

"We've been trying to promote taking the test," Hughes said. "And there was an increase in the student population in the high school last year, so it's possible there's a correlation between the number of students taking the test and that increase."

More than 23,000 Kansas students and 1.2 million students nationwide took the ACT, which measures college readiness by testing English, math, science and reading skills.

The highest possible score is 36. The highest composite score earned by an LHS student was 34.

LHS students in 2005-06 scored higher than the state and national averages in each of the four subject areas of the assessment:

¢ In English, LHS students scored an average of 21.9; the state average was 21.3 and the national average was 20.6.

¢ In math, LHS students scored an average of 21.9; the state average was 21.5 and the national average was 20.8.

¢ In reading, LHS students scored an average of 23.0; the state average was 22.3 and the national average was 21.4.

¢ In science, LHS students scored an average of 22.4; the state average was 21.6 and the national average was 20.9.

Hughes said outperforming the state and national averages has become a tradition because the students and teachers consistently meet the district's high expectations.

"We have good students and good teachers," Hughes said. "We have a good match for the college-prep curriculum, so the kids who take the ACT test plan on going to college and the match is there."


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