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Conceal carry

February 2, 2006

To the editor,

I just finished reading Steve Fitzgerald's letter concerning the concealed carry weapons bill (Senate Bill No. 418). I totally agree with Steve that we need the approval to carry concealed weapons and it is long overdue. I believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives that right without further permission, but that is a moot point anymore the way our Constitution has been bastardized.

I located the bill and printed all 23 (yes, 23) pages of the bill. It only took our forefathers 27 words to guarantee this right forever. Things must have been much simpler in those days!

The bill is great as written but when you take away all of the exclusions where the authorization to carry a concealed weapon is void you might just as well throw out the entire bill. Some of the restricted carry places are justified but some need to be trashed out.

As in some other states that passed concealed carry laws, I would expect to see posted "no concealed firearms" signs at the entrances to stores, hotels, motels, theaters, service stations, convenience stores, etc. Take your concealed weapon into any one of them and you face a Class A misdemeanor arrest and conviction for carrying the weapon inside. I can't think of a more important place to be protected than our convenience stores at night. Even a landlord can place a sign on his rental properties to prevent tenants from carrying a concealed weapon in his own home. Check out the text (sec 11(a)(3).

Crime in Kansa, at least in this area, is is on the rise and in every other state that has adopted the right to carry concealed the crime rate has declined. Remember, the criminal is carrying his concealed weapons and he won't be bothered with applying for a carry permit. You won't see shootouts in the street and we won't return to the gunfight days of old Abilene and Dodge City.

These are just a few of my thoughts. I would like to see the community weigh in on this because the subject is going to be very touchy before the bill is passed and vetoed by "our" governor. I believe her veto will be overridden this year because the vote will be before the election and it gives us a chance to see where our anti-gun politicians stand and place our vote accordingly.

A. C. Byrd



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