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Jazzing it up

February 2, 2006

Sponsors and members of the Screamin' Lions jazz band should take a bow, not only for the success of their first-ever concert last month, but because they found it in themselves to form the showcase band.

Luke Johnson, director of bands at Lansing High School, and 18 LHS students formed the Screamin' Lions in November.

The students and director show up for a 6:45 a.m. practice session three times a week at the school. They don't receive any academic credit for their efforts, which are strictly extra-curricular. But it's an extra-curricular activity that proved delightful to both audience members and participants at the group's Jan. 24 concert.

It's encouraging to see the students excited about performing in a musical genre that's all-American. It's refreshing that they take time out of their own day to practice.

Lansing High School has long been known for the prowess of its marching band. It's a source of pride for both the school and community. Here's hoping the Screamin' Lions will find the same success in the coming years.


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