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Lansing PTA taps winners in local Reflections contest

February 2, 2006, 12:00 a.m.

Updated: February 9, 2006, 2:11 p.m.

At least 25 Lansing students wondered if their musings could earn them a prize in the National PTA Reflections art contest.

Lansing Parent-Teacher Association announced the local contest winners last week.

The theme of this year's contest was, "I wonder why :".

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade could enter the contest in one of four areas: literature, music composition, photography or visual arts. Students in kindergarten through second grade competed in the primary division, and third- through fifth-grade students were placed in the intermediate division.

First-place winners in each division received a $50 savings bond, and their entries will go on to regional competition.

Each participant received a certificate and a coupon for a free buffet at Western Sizzlin' in Leavenworth. The top three winners in each category received additional prizes.

Winners in each category were:


Elizabeth Moreno, a third-grader at Lansing Elementary School, won first place in the National Parent-Teacher Association Reflections art contest with her music composition "Future Wonder." Enlarge video


Visual arts

¢ First place, Bryce Mann

¢ Second place, Dakota King

¢ Third place, Leah Albee


¢ First place, Katherine Hoffpauer

Music composition

¢ First place, Elizabeth Moreno

¢ Second place, Maisie Conrad


¢ First place, Maisie Conrad


Visual arts

¢ First place, Amelia Barkley

¢ Second place, Brian Burns

¢ Third place, Leah Wiegers


¢ First place, Kara Fort

¢ Second place, Zachary Atkins



"Stars" by Lansing Elementary School third-grader Maisie Conrad. This was her music composition entry in the National Parent-Teacher Association Reflections art contest, for which she earned second place at the school. Enlarge video

Here are the winning entries in the literature portion of the Reflections contest, sponsored by Lansing PTA (there was no second-place designated for the intermediate-level contest):

"Serving Our Country"

First place, intermediate-level literature

The Navy sails on the seas that are rough and wavy. The Marines are on the sand. The Air Force flies up in the air, but the Army fights on land. Each has its own way of fighting, each fights in rain, shine, or lightning.

- Maisie Conrad

"I Wonder Why The World is This Way"

First place, primary-level literature

I wonder why the world is this way.

I see water drip from the sky.

I wonder what that is.

It changes from snow to rain and sun.

People are moving.

Houses are in fields where there used to be trees.

I miss the green grass and trees.

Birds fly over my head and I wonder if they have a home.

A new family has a home now in the green grass and big trees.

I am a young girl and this is my point of view.

- Kara Fort


Second place, primary level literature

I wonder why evergreen trees are green?

One day long ago there was a little elf who loved evergreen trees. Evergreen trees used to be red. The elf thought that evergreen trees should be green.

One day the elf took a green paint can and went to pour the paint on the trees. He tried to pour paint on it but only a little came out. So he tried to open it up by using a knife. It worked. So then he went back to the tree and poured paint on the tree. Then he did the same with more green paint cans on the other evergreen trees. That is how evergreen trees turned green.

- Zachary Atkins


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