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Opinion: Missouri or misery?

February 16, 2006

Sometimes it just seems too easy. Sometimes the Missouri jabs just come and keep coming.

Today, in fact, I received an email titled "Quin's new job."

Hesitantly, I moved forward by clicking here and clicking there. My clicks revealed a photo of former Missouri basketball coach Quin Snyder decked out in a Wal-Mart vest, greeting customers at one of the stores.

Obviously, it was a fake, but, as a KU alum, it made me laugh.

It's one of the many, many things from Columbia, Mo., that has had that effect on me in the past several months.

This whole ordeal with the Missouri basketball program is quite interesting.

One day Quin's talking about how he's going to coach his team until someone tells him to stop. The next day he's resigning, supposedly of his own will.

Hmmmmm. Something doesn't quite add up there.

But then again, things rarely do with the Missouri Tigers.

In honor of Mizzou's latest debacle, I thought I'd compile a list of comparisons between Kansas and Missouri that strike me as the most hilarious.

I thought about offering my take on what Mizzou should do from here, but if I'm already tired of hearing about it, I doubt any of you want to read it here.

Here's the first one:

KU loses to Bucknell in the tournament last year and Missouri fans go crazy. Bucknell T-Shirt sales skyrocketed and every Miz-zou fan in the world seems to bring that up the minute they find out they're talking to Kansas fans.

So what's so funny?

In the latest college basketball polls Bucknell was actually ranked --4th to be exact.

The funny part here is that the no-name teams that KU loses to go on to become something.

Anybody have any idea if Sam Houston State, Davidson or Belmont are ranked this year?

Five years ago, Missouri passed on then-Illinois coach Bill Self to take a chance on their "golden boy" from Duke.

I'm no expert, but since that time Self has made the NCAA Tournament every season -- with both KU and Illinois --as recruited some of the top talent in the nation and is on pace to become the latest in a long line of legendary coaches to pass through Lawrence.

Missouri, instead of going after Self, appears to be desperate to add Dana Altman, a man whom Kansas State ran out of town.

Speaking of K-State, the Tigers snapped their six-game losing streak earlier this week by beating the mighty Wildcats at home.

Hopefully that will keep the Show-Me-Staters happy. At least they can claim superiority over one team from the Sunflower State.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: didn't Missouri beat Kansas earlier this year?

They did.

But since that time, the Jayhawks have rattled off eight wins in a row and climbed back into the rankings where they belong.

The Tigers, meanwhile, have fallen off the college basketball map, lost their "can't-miss" coach and appear to be headed toward even darker days.

But cheer up, Missouri fans. At least you'll have someone to root for this March. Just don't forget where you stashed that Bucknell shirt.

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