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Police seek new patrol cars, equipment

January 5, 2006

Lansing Police Department would add five new vehicles and each of its patrol cars would get a new look under a proposal to be put before Lansing City Council.

Chief Steve Wayman is requesting the council approve the purchase of three Dodge Chargers and two Ford Crown Victorias, all outfitted with police packages, for a total of $113,906. Emergency lighting equipment for the cars, which is not included in the police packages, would cost an additional $10,965.

Under Wayman's request, Rusty Eck Ford, Leavenworth, would provide the Crown Victorias, at a cost of $23,919 per vehicle; Briggs Dodge in Topeka would provide the Chargers, at a cost of $22,023 per vehicle.

Funding for the cars was included in this year's city budget, which was approved by council members in August.

Wayman said the cars would replace vehicles that now have in excess of 110,000 miles, some more than 150,000 miles.

"Their lives as patrol cars are over," he said, noting that maintenance costs on the department's high-mileage vehicles are becoming cost prohibitive.

The six patrol cars in November were driven an average of 1,737 miles, department records show, and Wayman said all of that mileage is in-town, stop-and-go driving.

"It really tears up a car faster than you think," he said.

The department has 14 vehicles, ranging from as new as the 2003 model year to as old as a 1987 Crown Victoria used for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. Six of the cars are categorized as "fit for patrol duty"; four of the cars are categorized as "limited use" for special duty or patrol duty. The remainder are for special use, such as animal control duties.

In addition to the new cars, Wayman is making several ancillary requests, including installation of a new graphics package for patrol cars at a total cost of $2,655.

Wayman noted the new cars he wants to purchase are silver, rather than the dark blue currently in the department's fleet. The new graphics combined with the new color cars, he said, "will make us very visible."

Another of the requests Wayman will take to the council is for the purchase of a mobile digital video recording system for four of the new patrol cars. The $27,450 price tag includes a server onto which the video can be downloaded and software to keep track of an individual officer's statistics.

"We're hopefully getting some new cars; now's the time to start transitioning over to the new digital video system," he said.

The council meets at 7 p.m. Thursday at City Hall, 800 First Terrace. Here's the agenda:

Consent calendar

¢ Consider approval of the Dec. 15 regular meeting minutes.

New business

¢ Hear a nonsmoking policy request from Matt Gledhill.

¢ Consider a Police Department request to purchase vehicles.

¢ Consider an Economic Development and Library request to purchase two Dodge Chrysler mini vans through a State of Kansas bidding program for $15,771.70 per vehicle.

¢ Consider a resolution requesting construction on De Soto Road. Public Works director John Young said the resolution is required by state and federal authorities to receive the $2 million federal earmark for the resurfacing and widening of the road.

¢ Consider ordinances annexing the western half of the right of way of 147th Street and a portion of U.S. Highway 73. Leavenworth County and the Kansas Department of Transportation requested the annexations.

¢ Consider an ordinance for controlling sediment and erosion during construction projects.

¢ Consider an ordinance prohibiting the illicit discharge of pollutants into the municipal storm sewer system.

¢ Consider a conditional use permit for the operation of a daycare at 582 Hithergreen Drive.

¢ Consider an ordinance laying out the Code of Procedures for City Council meetings. The code would replace "Roberts Rules of Order" as the official procedure.


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