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Time to follow your dream

January 5, 2006

This is the time to make your New Year's Resolutions.

It could also be a time to Follow Your Dream. To set a goal, to make a dream or an idea that you have had for most of your life come true. Find someone to help you make this happen. Share your dream with someone.

Over the years many people have helped me, and in return I have tried to help others. Sometimes just talking to someone triggers new ideas and solutions to your dream. We all have an opportunity to help people around us each day. Sometimes it is written on their face or body language that they need help. So be aware this week. See, observe and remember.

Many people helped me years ago when my dream was to become an artist, including my family, teachers and fellow workers. So this week turn your dream to "on" and make a commitment to either help yourself or someone in your life to fulfill a dream.

I had always thought about learning to be a sculptor in my next lifetime and I mentioned this to a sculptor we were watching and talking to in an art gallery in Arizona. He told me, "don't wait, do it now." That made an impression on me, and next month my first sculpture will go to the foundry and my long-awaited dream will come true.

We all have the power to follow a dream that will make a difference to ourselves and those we meet.

When things don't go right, don't give up, just try harder. Sometimes just a word of encouragement will make the difference.


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