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Jogger misses joke; teen taken into custody

January 12, 2006

A Lansing teenager's prank has landed him in trouble with juvenile authorities, and three of his friends also could be in hot water with the law.

Lansing Police Chief Steve Wayman said the 15-year-old teen was taken to the Leavenworth County Juvenile Detention Center after police determined he had accosted a jogger over the weekend.

Wayman said the jogger, a 54-year-old Lansing resident, was running about 12:20 p.m. Saturday in the 200 block of Valley Drive. There he met a person wearing a bandanna over his face and another bandanna draped over his hand, demanding that the jogger hand over all of his money.

The jogger "high-tailed" out of the area and called police.

After witnesses described the clothing worn by the assailant, Wayman said, police were approached by four young men, one of whose clothing matched the description of the assailant.

The teen was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. There, Wayman said, the teen said he had approached the jogger "as a joke."

"However, it wasn't taken as a joke by the jogger or by the police," Wayman said.

The youth, Wayman said, was charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault in Juvenile Court.

Police continue to investigate whether the three other teens were involved in the alleged incident.

"If we find they had knowledge of what was going on or participated in any way, we'll recommend charges be filed against them, too," Wayman said.

The teen or teens, Wayman said, have a warped sense of comedy.

"If that's their idea of a prank, we're failing to see the humor in it," he said.


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