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Shoplifting at liquor store results in arrests, citations

January 12, 2006

A shoplifting incident at a Lansing liquor store is resulting in more than just a nagging hangover for three Leavenworth residents and their cohort from Lenexa.

Lansing Police Chief Steve Wayman said officers made three arrests after the Saturday afternoon incident and a notice to appear was issued for the fourth person involved in the alleged theft.

Facing a date in Municipal Court on theft charges are Dwayne Wright, 31, Lenexa, Kurtis Rasco, 25, Leavenworth, and Darrell Dickson, 29, of Leavenworth. After Dickson was arrested, police discovered he was wanted on four outstanding warrants in Leavenworth.

Police also issued a notice to appear in Municipal Court for a 24-year-old Leavenworth woman, who will be charged with theft and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to police about her identity.

Wayman said the incident began about 2:30 p.m. Saturday when the four entered the store, took a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of vodka, and left the store. A clerk approached them in the parking lot and said if they didn't return and pay for the liquor, he'd call police.

Shortly afterward, one of the people in the car returned to pay, but the clerk said police already had been called.

The four left in a car, but the clerk gave a tag number and vehicle description to police.

Officers found the car, abandoned a few blocks away. But, Wayman said, witnesses led officers to a house in the 200 block of Fairlane, where Wright, Rasco and Dickson were found.

Meanwhile, a woman in the area was questioned about the theft. Officers "couldn't positively identify her involvement in the crime," Wayman said, but they did photograph her before they left.

Police later located a purse, found an ID card inside and determined it belonged to the woman, Wayman said. The ID, he said, showed the woman had given a false name to police, but "we know who she is and a citation is on the way to her home now."

The purse also contained several blank checks that did not belong to the woman "and were possibly stolen out of Leavenworth," Wayman said.

The theft charges carry a possible fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail with a conviction. An obstruction conviction can result in a fine of up to $500 and up to a year in jail. Wayman said the bottles of liquor were valued at $59.58.


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