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Brothers finish 1-2 at Pinewood Derby

January 26, 2006

Cars are lined up at the starting line for a heat in this year's Pinewood Derby for Pack 3165. The derby was contested Saturday at Lansing Middle School.

Cars are lined up at the starting line for a heat in this year's Pinewood Derby for Pack 3165. The derby was contested Saturday at Lansing Middle School.

Although years away from getting behind the wheel of an actual car, more than 70 Cub Scouts, from ages 6 to 11 years old, gathered this past weekend to race their pinewood car creations in the Cub Scouts' Annual Pinewood Derby.

The derby's theme this year was emergency vehicles. Cub Master Karl Gibson said that the 71 participants were given a block of wood, four nails and four wheels before Christmas to construct the cars, with their parent's help.

The derby took place Saturday evening, Jan. 21, at Lansing Middle School.

After dozens of heats, one Scout emerged with the fastest car. Adam Goecke defeated his brother, Trent, to win the Pack 3165 championship. Jonathan Zappa was the overall third-place finisher.

Adam, 6, got to the championship heats by placing first in Den No. 5. He, like the other Scouts, had help from his father, Sean, to construct his car.

"It took lots of time to make," Sean Goecke said. "We tried to make it aerodynamic and reduce the friction."

After the race, Adam was pleased with his win.

"I really feel really great," he said simply with pride.

The challenge brought creative designs, from police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and highway patrol cars to nontraditional emergency vehicles, such as the Batmobile.

Race brackets were organized by Cub Scout Dens, with the average den having around 8-10 members of similar age. Four cars raced per heat, and the race results were recorded by a computer and then projected on a screen for the audience's easy viewing.

Several volunteers from American Legion Post 411 and the Lansing Lions Club helped place the cars at the starting line and remove them at the finish line to ensure the races ran smoothly and quickly.

Jonathan Zappa, 7, placed first in Den No. 3 with a police car that stood out with working battery-operated red and blue flashing lights. He chose a police car design, he said, because he likes policemen for helping the state and the country.

Winners of the den heats were awarded medals for their victories, as were the second- and third-place winners, and raced in the finals with the other den winners.

The Goecke brothers and Zappa received trophies for their top finishes.

Here's the final results:

Den 4 Tigers

1st Place: Noah Souser

2nd Place: Laszlo Taborosi

3rd Place: Josh Blanken

Den 5 Tigers

1st Place: Adam Goecke

2nd Place: Tanner Williams

3rd Place: Max Erickson

Den 3 Wolfs

1st Place: Jonathon Zappa

2nd Place: Trent Goecke

3rd Place: Nathan Palmer

Den 6 Wolfs

1st Place: Alexander Burke

2nd Place: Benjamin Brickson

3rd Place: Brian Orkwis

Dens 1 & 2 Bears

1st Place: David Szmed

2nd Place: Devon Wacker

3rd Place: Karl Barkley

Den 10 Bears

1st Place: Cotton Hindman

2nd Place: Michael Mickelboro

3rd Place: Anil Patel

Webelos I Den 7

1st Place: Phillip Clark

2nd Place: Wesley Pippin

3rd Place: Jake Hall

Webelos I Den 9

1st Place: Dante Diaz

2nd Place: Blaze Allen

3rd Place: Joshua Russell

Webelos II Den 8

1st Place: Stephen Szmed

2nd Place: Cody Motley

3rd Place: Drew Goebel

Pack Championship

1st Place: Adam Goecke

2nd Place: Trent Goecke

3rd Place: Jonathan Zappa


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