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So far, so good for work on Main

July 6, 2006

Six weeks into a project that's expected to take more than 18 months to complete, and the Main Street System Enhancement project is on schedule, a city official reports.

Ken Miller, the city's Main Street project liaison, said workers had run into some unanticipated problems associated with the bridge replacement over Seven-Mile Creek but recently had recouped to the point where it no longer was behind schedule.

He pointed to two main reasons the entire project was moving forward as scheduled.

"I think the weather has been very cooperative to this point," Miller said Wednesday. "You drive up and down Main Street, and you see construction going on in numerous locations, and they're working hard at all of them."

Lexeco Inc. is the general contractor for the system enhancement project, a joint venture of the Kansas Department of Transportation and the city of Lansing. All totaled, the project is estimated to cost $15 million.

Workers installed pilings for the southbound lanes of the Seven-Mile Creek bridge last week. Next week, they're expecting delivery of six 40-ton beams that eventually will support the deck of the western half of the bridge.

The weight of each beam had Miller in awe.

"Forty tons - that's got to be pretty huge," he said.

As for other areas in which construction already was under way on the project, Miller said:

¢ The "reverse frontage road" that will carry traffic to homes and businesses between West Kansas Avenue and West Mary Street is progressing nicely.

"They are continuing curb staking and then will be laying an asphalt base soon," Miller said.

The reverse frontage road is on schedule for completion by late August.

¢ Realignment of the intersection at Main and Ida streets continues on time, also. Workers are staking curbs in anticipation of pouring curbs and gutters for that portion of Ida Street. This week, conduit for a new signal at the intersection should be completed.

The intersection is being moved to the south from its former location, to line up with traffic coming out of a mobile home park across Main.

Work on the intersection also is scheduled to be completed by late August.

¢ Workers were pouring curbing on Wednesday to complete a new entrance on Olive Street into Petro Deli. The new entrance is designed to enhance safety of traffic in and out of the business, thus making the entire intersection of Main and Olive safer.


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