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District ready to seek bids on school bond projects

July 13, 2006

Architects working on plans for the new Lansing Elementary School and Lansing High School auditorium are sending out solicitations to potential contractors for the projects.

The Lansing School Board on Monday gave unanimous approval to plan documents for the projects. The two projects were approved by district voters as part of a $23.6 million bond referendum in April 2005.

"We're starting to get a big demand on interest. As a matter of fact, we reissued invitations to bid; we sent that out last week. So we're starting to get more interest from contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers," said Jon Plumer, of Wilson & Co., the architectural firm designing the projects.

Plumer said architects would conduct a pre-bid conference on July 25 at Lansing Middle School, in which the projects would be explained to interested potential bidders. Bids for work on the project are due in time for a bid opening at 2 p.m. Aug. 15.

Bids for the projects will be awarded, he said, "based on the cost and the shortest construction time frame."

In other business the board:

¢ Voted 5-0 to elect Shelly Gowdy as president of the board for the 2006-07 school year. Gowdy abstained from the vote.

¢ Voted 5-0 to elect Rob Nicholas as vice president of the board for the 2006-07 school year. Nicholas abstained from the vote.

As part of its consent agenda, the board unanimously:

¢ Approved minutes from the June 12, June 19 and June 28 meetings

¢ Approved bills for the month

¢ Approved the clerk's financial, treasurer's, investment securities and miscellaneous reports

¢ Approved resignations of Karen Good, Middle School secretary, and Lori Murphy, Lansing High School applied studies aide

¢ Made district organizational appointments, including board clerk, treasurer, purchasing agent, etc.

¢ Designated Steve Dike, Lansing High School, Kerry Brungardt, Lansing Middle School, Jan Jorgensen, Lansing Intermediate School, and Tim Newton, Lansing Elementary School, as building truancy officers.

¢ Designated Steve Dike, Lansing High School, Kerry Brungardt, Lansing Middle School, Jan Jorgensen, Lansing Intermediate School, and Tim Newton, Lansing Elementary School, as individuals authorized to suspend and expel students, set up and supervise activity funds, supervise building funds, be the custodian of student records, and building safety officers.

¢ Designated Randal Bagby as the authorized representative to apply for and process federal funds

¢ Designated Bagby and Debbie Hill as food service program representative and hearing officer

¢ Designated Doniaell person responsible for determining free/reduced applications

¢ Designated Dale Bohannon as asbestos management plan officer

¢ Designated the Leavenworth Times as official newspaper for publication of school notices

¢ Designated Citizens National Bank, MidAmerican Bank & Trust and First National Bank as depositories of funds

¢ Adopted a school year of 1,116 hours

¢ Established a reimbursement rate of 43 cents per mile for employee travel

¢ Established a 25-cent per page fee for copy of records

¢ Adopted the present policy manual for the 2006-07 school year

¢ Adopted resolutions to establish petty cash accounts and designate individuals responsible, to appoint hearing officers to hear appeal of suspension or expulsion determination, to create Activity Funds, to establish regular board meeting dates, to establish home rule by the Board of Education and for an asbestos annual inspection.

¢ Reviewed the district's immunization policy, the rotation of administrators attending national conventions

¢ Approved waiver of textbook fees for students approved for free lunches

¢ Heard an acknowledgement from Sue Lednicky, Future Business Leaders of America sponsor, for the business ethics team placed sixth at the FBLA nationals.

In other action items, the board

¢ Set 7 p.m. Aug. 14 as the date for the board's annual budget hearing. Because the Legislature's school finance plan is under judicial review, the date may need to be rescheduled.

¢ Heard a report on the school construction fund. Superintendent Bagby noted the district had earned nearly $1 million in interest on the funds generated by the school bonds.

¢ Unanimously approved Wilson & Co.'s plan documents for the planned Lansing Elementary School and high school auditorium.

¢ Unanimously declared a 1993 Gravely mower, mobile mixer and front loader bucket as surplus.

¢ Unanimously approved sale of a 1994 Grasshopper mower to Robin Wolnick for $2,525.

¢ Unanimously approved awarding the district's fuel bid to Leavenworth County Co-op, which will sell gasoline to the district at 5 cents under its posted daily price.

¢ Unanimously approved an increase in the hourly rate, from $100 to $110, for legal services from the district's attorney Pete Curran.

¢ Unanimously approved a 5 percent increase, to $1.79 per yard, for Deffenbaugh Disposal Services for the 2006-07 school year.

¢ Unanimously approved a bid of $2,581.20 from Schendel Services for pest control.


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