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Not just for ‘old people’

July 20, 2006

"School days, school days, good old golden rule days, readin' and writin' and 'rithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick :"

How many of you old timers remember that tune? This coming Saturday night is Lansing High School's annual class reunion, an event I always look forward to. I have attended most of them over the years, and each year I see faces that were not there last year, nor will be next year. Each year classes in increments of five years are honored.

I graduated in 1946 and if my "'rithmetic" is accurate, that makes 60 years out of high school.

All of my high school days were during World War II. It was a tough time to be in high school because of all the shortages. Basketball was our only sport, and we all had to pool our gas stamps to make it to the out-of-town games.

Our freshman class of 44 dwindled down to 17 by graduation. The reason for this was some had to drop out and go to work to help support their families, and some went into the service.

I never thought years ago that I would ever be sitting on the other side of the big room where we had our reunions. I can remember seeing all the "old people" sitting over there and thinking, "Gosh, they are so old, how can they be having such a good time?" Now I know. And we are having a good time.

Many of the classes like to do their own thing at another time, and that's nice, but it sure would be great to see them join in with our annual reunion, too.

One thing that's nice about an all-school reunion is that you are not limited to seeing your own classmates, but you also see friends that graduated years before you and years behind you.

It really is a terrific feeling to have a young person come up to you and say, "Hi, Mr. Young, remember me? I'm the kid that lived across the street and played in your yard, or I went to school with one of your kids".

To you young folks, we older ones have memories. You are making memories that much too soon you will reminisce about "on the other side of the room."


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