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Lansing DAZE

June 8, 2006

The city's annual summer festival, Lansing DAZE, is this weekend and is more than worthy of the public's support.

For months on end, a dedicated group of city staff members and volunteers plans and organizes the annual event, which draws hundreds to the grounds of City Hall on the second weekend of June each year.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Lansing DAZE is no small undertaking, and those individuals responsible for the activities and events should take heart in knowing they've done a tremendous amount of work for their community.

The annual festival provides myriad benefits to the city, in addition to drawing out-of-town visitors to the city and providing a weekend's worth of entertainment. Lansing DAZE also helps fill the coffers of several nonprofit organizations. Those groups, in turn, funnel the money back to the community through such means as scholarships for high school graduates and the like.

It's time again to say thanks to the Lansing DAZE organizers, and the best way to do so is by turning out and enjoying the events.


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