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For the love of stitchery

Members of Basehor’s Sunflowers Quilters Guild share a bond over handwork

June 15, 2006

Quilting is a hobby they all have in common, but members of the Sunflowers Quilters Guild take time to share a lot more during their monthly meetings.

Instead of the usual "here" or "present," the nine women at a recent meeting were asked to share something interesting about themselves for roll call. Everything from ancestry to childhood tricks and celebrity status was offered.

"I hate to show off ladies, but I've been a celebrity since 1989," Grace Voigt said, laughing.

She passed a book around to other group members so they could see her sunbonnet quilt pattern that was featured in the book along with her name.

Club president Carolyn Pantle kept the meeting moving along, and after a few quick reminders, the meeting was adjourned for show and tell.

Pam Jewett held up a large quilt called a round robin quilt. Jewett created the middle of the quilt and passed it on to different friends who each had added on another border.

After the quilt was completed, it was returned to Jewett.

"It's always a surprise when you get it back," club secretary Jenell Noeth said.

Other shared items included garage sale treasures, holiday decorations and gifts for grandchildren.

While the guild usually has its meetings and a short quilting lesson at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall every second Monday of the month, Noeth offered her home as a meeting place this month so she could demonstrate her quilting machine.

After a short trip down a flight of stairs and through a jungle of African Violets that Noeth hand-pollinates, members were lost in stacks of fabric, rows of thread and rolls of batting in Noeth's quilting room.

After clamping the large quilt in place and positioning the needle just right, Noeth deftly stitched a flower pattern onto the quilt with the rapidly moving machine.

"It usually takes me a hour to an hour and a half to finish a quilt," she said.

A community group would not be complete without a little community service. And the Sunflowers Quilters Guild is no exception.

The group donated a quilt for auction to the Basehor Community Library to help with the building fund.

Members also set aside a day in September each year to sew baby quilts that are donated to Cushing Memorial and St. John Hospitals and Birthright in Leavenworth, a center that helps women through the stresses of unplanned pregnancy.

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