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Naysayers abound, but experience shows water witching works

June 22, 2006

Dousing or water witching is thousands of years old. There were pictures in the ancient cave dwellings indicating the use of divining rods.

This is something just a certain number of people are able to do. I first learned about water witching as a child from my wife, Ada's, dad, who was very good at it. He found a good well at his farm in Tonganoxie when all the neighbors swore there was no water there. When I was older, a man from the gas company taught me to use wire coat hangers or bent welding rods as instruments for water witching.

I have had personal experiences with doing this and like to tell the story of when the milk plant I worked at needed to add a floor drain. The contractor knew that I did water witching and asked me how far the drain was below the floor. I told him it was six feet below. He brought in a jackhammer and removed a large section of concrete. Also he used a backhoe and started digging. At 4 feet the naysayers said there was no way the water line could be that deep, but the contractor kept on digging, and they found it at exactly 6 feet.

He never told anyone where he got his information, but thank goodness it worked. I used two wire coat hangers with a 90-degree bend for this job. I learned that every time the rods cross it measures three feet. After you locate the depth, it will show direction of the flow of water. This can also be used for finding the depth of phone lines or gas lines.

My belief is that every point on the Earth is a magnetic field that travels in both directions. First of all you have to believe it works. As soon as you move off a certain spot it starts all over again.

Years ago when I told my dad that the strongest flow of water under our house was 110 feet, he said, "how do you know that?" I told him I had water witched it and he remarked that the coal mine shaft at the prison had to constantly pump water out from the 110 foot depth.

Before there was a DIG-SAFE number to call, our sign company used the rods before we started digging anywhere.

Now there is a NASA Aqua Satellite that measures the moisture content of soil over most of the Earth's surface. Farmers will be able to use this tool for getting the most out of their fields.

This is called water witching from space.


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