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Election view

June 29, 2006

Perhaps the Republicans should read Dave Ranney's article in the Lawrence Journal-World entitled "Praeger endorsed Kerry's health care plan," (July 18, 2004), available at Then they should consider the alternative for insurance commissioner: Eric Carter.

The current commissioner is pushing for increased government presence in the market, advocating socialized medicine, and a vast expansion of Medicaid entitlement programs. The effect of her efforts is to further crowd out the private market, pushing the cost of private insurance ever higher.

Touring the state with the Democrat governor, she campaigned against her own candidate, her own party - the party she now wants to support her and her socialistic ideas.

Why would Republicans vote for someone who has worked hard against Republican candidates in the heat of an election? And why support Kerry's health care plan, which is essentially "Hillerycare" all over again? .

Republicans have a better candidate available in Eric Carter. As the vice chair of the Insurance Committee in the Kansas House he has worked to restore competition to the marketplace and reduce prices. As a Kansas Representative he has championed tort reform, and will continue that cause as insurance commissioner because frivolous lawsuits are a leading cause of higher insurance premiums

Kansas needs a new insurance commissioner: Eric Carter.

Steve Fitzgerald



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