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Riptides claim 22 first-place finishes

June 29, 2006

The Leavenworth Riptides are back in the water for another summer of swimming, and they're already piling up the first-place finishes.

The Riptides competed June 21 at Bonner Springs and piled up 22 first-place finishes. Lauren Jaqua and Ravyn Teeters led the way with four top finishes apiece. Jaqua was the individual champion in the 14-and-under girls' breaststroke and freestyle. Teeters won the individual medley and the backstroke. Both girls teamed with Kassidi Livingston and Greer Fisher to win the freestyle relay and the medley relay.

The 14-and-under girls proved to be the most dominating age class for the Riptides. In addition to their first-place finishes, Laqua and Teeters each added a second-place finish to their final prize cache. Jaqua was second to Teeters in the individual medley. Teeters was the runner-up to Jaqua in the freestyle. Plus, Livingston brought home fourth-place finishes in the freestyle and breaststroke and third in the individual medley. Fisher was sixth in breaststroke, seventh in backstroke and eighth in freestyle. Rachel Rice added a sixth-place finish in backstroke.

In the 6-and-under division, Alissa McCarter, Brian Lee, Ally Campbell and Charlie Peterson teamed to win the freestyle relay. In addition, Peterson won the boys freestyle and backstroke races. Campbell won the girls freestyle and backstroke.

In the 8-and-under boys division, Max Campbell won the freestyle and placed second in the backstroke and breaststroke. He also teamed with Elijah Wangerin, Ryan Jaqua and Logan Lee to win the freestyle relay. Abigail Eddy, Larkin Reilly, Briele Reese and Savannah Eubank teamed to win the 8-and-under girls freestyle relay.

Two 10-and-under boys relay teams earned first-place finishes. Paul Gilbert, Joseph Wangerin, Alex Elliott and D.C. Depaolis won the freestyle relay. Gilbert, Depaolis, Elliott and Jack Bresser then captured the medley relay championship.

Elijay Elliott, Jack Bresser, James Bates and Isaac Tisdel placed first in the freestyle relay in the 12-and-under boys division. Tisdel also placed third in three individual events. The 12-and-under girls were equally successful in the freestyle relay as Maggie Campbell, Ashley Dwire, Mariah Matthews and Lacey Knight placed first.

The 14-and-under boys freestyle relay team of Sam Metivier, Randy Harrison, Jordan Patzwald and James Morley placed first. So did the 18-and-under boys and girls combined freestyle relay team of Cody Byrns, Ali Roberts, Natalie Hall and Jessica Bradford. Hall also captured first-place finishes in the backstroke and individual medley. She placed second in freestyle and breaststroke.

6U boys and girls

Free relay - 1st Alissa McCarter, Brian Lee, Ally Campbell, Charlie Peterson with a time 3:08

Freestyle - 6UB: 1st Charlie Peterson 34.95, 4th Brian Lee 1:16

Freestyle - 6UG: 1st Ally Campbell 31.40, 2nd alissa McCarter 33.35 6th Bailey Reese 1:07

Backstroke - 6UB: 1st Charlie Peterson 36.01, 3rd Brian Lee 1.08

Backstroke - 6UG: 1st Ally Campbell, 2nd Alissa McCarter 38.69, 6th Bailey Reese 59.89

8U boys

Free relay - 1st Max Campbell, Elijah Wangerin, Ryan Jaqua, Logan Lee 1:52

Freestyle 8UG: 1st Max Campbell 21.10, Logan Lee 21.36, 4th Ryan Jaqua 24.60, 7th Gabriel Schroeder 34.47

Backstroke - 2nd Max Campbell 28.46, 3rd Logan Lee 29.65, 5th Ryan Jaqua 31.755

Breaststroke - 2nd Max Campbell 30..51

8U girls

Free relay - 1st Abigail Eddy, Larkin Reilly, Briele Reese, Savannah Eubank 2:22

Freestyle - 8uG: 2nd MeKayla DePaolis 21.53, 3rd Haven Stutz 22.49, 4th Mary Clair Peterson 22.63, 5th Maisie Conrad 27.58, 7th, Abigail Eddy, 8th Emma Bresser 31.00

Backstroke - 2nd Mekayla DePaolis 24:58, 4th Abigail Eddy 32.04, 5th Maisie Conrad 34.39, 6th Larkin Reilly, 7th Briele Reese, 8th Savannah Eubank 45.16

Breaststroke - 2nd Mary Claire Peterson 27.48, 3rd Haven Stutz 31.14, 4th Emma Bresser 49.40

Individual Medley - 2nd Mary Claire Peterson 2:25

10U boys

Free relay - 1st Paul Gilbert, Joseph Wangerin, Alex Elliott, D. C. DePaolis 3:29

Freestyle - 10UB: 2nd Joseph Wangerin 49.37, 3rd D. C. DePaolis 50.12, 4th Alex Elliott 51.58, 5th Paul Gilbert, 6th Jack Bresser, 8th Eli Stewart

Backstroke - 2nd Jack Bresser 1:02

Breaststroke - 2nd Alex Elliott 56.85, 3rd Joseph Wangerin 1:09, 4th D. C. DePaolis 1:12

Individual Medley - 2nd Alex Elliott 2:11

Medley relay - 1st Paul Gilbert, Jack Bresser, D. C. DePaolis, Alex Elliott 51.58 4:19

10U girls

Free relay - 2nd Madison Eddy, Madeline Sigtenhorst, Dee Dee Tisdel, Olivia Theus 3:53

Freestyle - 10UG: 4th Olivia Theus 44.40, 5th Dee Dee Tisdel 45.66, 7th Shannon Lee 48.36

Backstroke - 3rd Shannon Lee 1:09,7th Madison Eddy 1:08

Breaststroke - 2nd Dee Dee Tisdel 56.68, 4th Olivia Theus 1:00, 8th Shannon Lee 1:43

Individual Medley - 3rd Olivia Theus 1:54, 4th Dee Dee Tisdel 1:57,

Medley Relay - 2nd Sigtenhorst, Olivia Theus, Dee Dee Tisdel, Shannon Lee 4:23

12U boys

Free relay - 1st Elijah Elliott, Jack Bresser, James Bates, Isaac Tisdel 3:14

Freestyle - 12UB: 3rd Isaac Tisdel 41.54, 5th James Bates 43.20, 7th Elijah Elliott 52.24

Backstroke - 3rd Elijah Elliott

Breaststroke - 3rd Isaac Tisdel 50.08, 4th James Bates 50.99

Individual Medley - 3rd Isaac Tisdel 1:46, 4th James Bates 1:52

12U girls

free relay - 1st Maggie Campbell, Ashley Dwire, Mariah Matthews, Lacey Knight 3:44

Freestyle - 12UG: 3rd Meg Lee 36.915, 5th Jennifer Gilbert 41.45, 7th Mary Kate Metivier 45.34 8th, Emily Ruble 47.05

Backstroke - 3rd Meg Lee 41:08, 6th Mary Kate Metivier 50.44, 7th Ashley Dwire 53.26, 8th Lacey Knight 54.75

Breaststroke - 5th Jennifer Gilbert 52.95, 6th Ashley Dwire 1:00, 7th Emily Ruble 1:05, 8th Maggie Campbell 1:13

Individual Medley - 4th Meg Lee 1:40, 6th Mary Kate Metivier 1:57, 7th Emily Ruble 2:05

Medley Relay - 2nd Meg Lee, Mary Kate Metivier, Jennifer Gilbert, Emily Ruble 3:27

14U boys

Free relay - 1st Sam Metivier, Randy Harrison, Jordan Patzwald, James Morley 3:10

Freestyle - 14UB: 2nd Randy Harrison 29.34, 5th Metin DePaolis 33.07, 8th Charlies Harrison

Backstroke - 3rd Metin DePaolis 40.74, 6th Pete LaMore 48.66, 7th James Morley 53.46, 8th Tyler Heintzelman 55.14

Breaststroke - 4th Mitchell Denney 46.37, 5th Sam Metivier 47.02, 7th Alan Gilbert, 8th Pete Lamoe 55.25

Individual Medley - 4th Charlie Harrison 1:32, 6th Mitchell Denney 1:44, 7th Tyler Heintzelman 1:48, 8th Alan Gilbert 2:11

Medley Relay - 2nd Pete LaMore, Metin DePaolis, Charlie Harrison, Mitchell Denney 3:14

14U girls

Free relay - 1st Kassidi Livingston, Greer Fisher, Lauren Jaqua, Ravyn Teeters 2:13

Freestyle - 14UG: 1st Lauren Jaqua 31.47, 2nd Ravyn Teeters, 4th Kassidi Livingston 33.49, 8th Greer Fisher 38.60

Backstroke - 1st Ravyn Teeters 36.27, 2nd Kassidi Livingston 38.27, 6th Rachel Rice 48.40, 7th Greer Fisher 49.24

Breaststroke - 1st Lauren Jaqua 43.07, 4th Kassidi Livingston 48.80, 6th Greer Fisher 1:01

Individual Medley - 1st Ravyn Teeters 1:228, 2nd Lauren Jaqua 1:231, 3rd Kassidi Livingston 1:25

Medley Relay - 1st Greer Fisher, Lauren Jaqua, Kassidi Livingston, Ravyn Teeters 2:46

18U boys and girls

Free relay - :1st Cody Byrns, Ali Roberts, Natalie Hall, Jessica Bradford 2:10

Freestyle - 18UB: 3rd Cody Byrns 30.15

Freestyle - 18UG: 2nd Natalie Hall 31.295, 3rd Ali Roberts, 4th Jessica Bradford 33.56

Backstroke - 18UB: 2nd Cody Byrns

Backstroke - 18UG: 1st Natalie Hall 34.31, 2nd Jessica Bradford 35.53

Breaststroke - 18UB: 4th Metin DePaolis 43.68

Breaststroke - 18UG: 2nd Natalie Hall 42.28, 3rd Jessica Bradford 43.94

Individual Medley - 18UB: 3rd Pete LaMore 1:48

Individual Medley - 18UG: 1st Natalie Hall 1:16


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