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Was love a motivator? Hard to say

March 2, 2006

Was it love that paired Toby Young, a dedicated prison volunteer, with John M. Manard, a convicted murderer sentenced to life at the Lansing state prison?

Manard escaped Feb. 12 from prison, and authorities say Young was his accomplice. Last Friday, they were captured after being spotted in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Their capture hasn't shed much light on their relationship. U.S. marshals found unspecified "sexual items," in the cabin the two shared in Alpine, Tenn., but officials refused to speculate about their relationship. Young, who gave several jailhouse interviews since her capture, hasn't talked about her relationship with Manard.

At the time of his capture, Manard told authorities Young was his hostage, said Ray Stewart, a deputy U.S. marshal. But that doesn't ring true, he said.

Stewart said he wasn't surprised by the case, which paired a 48-year-old married, cancer-surviving mother of two with a man 21 years her junior who is serving a life sentence for a 1996 carjacking in which a 45-year-old man was killed.

"I'm never really shocked at what some people will do," he said. "I guess, you know, people never cease to amaze every day at the lengths they'll go to to do some things. ... I'm just glad it ended with nobody getting hurt."

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