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Security review under way at state prisons

March 8, 2006

State prisons, including the Lansing Correctional Facility, have been ordered to conduct a comprehensive review of security procedures and practices today.

The Kansas Department of Corrections, according to a news release, has directed administrative, supervisory and training personnel to interact with line staff to:

¢ Review all security procedures;

¢ Ensure post orders are current, have been acknowledged, and are understood by the supervisor as well as the officer assigned to the post;

¢ Address any problems that are identified or raised concerning security policies or practices;

¢ Ensure that security equipment is available and in working order at each post; and

¢ Re-emphasize the need to follow policies and practices so that the facility is safe and secure and the public safety is not compromised.

Wardens at each of the state's 10 correctional facilities have been directed to make sure the review is comprehensive, covers all three shifts, covers all posts, and that a procedure is developed to conduct a security review with those officers who are not on-shift today.

This "stand down" day security review includes contractor personnel (medical, food service, programs, and private industry) as applicable to their situation.

In conjunction with the stand down, all inmate activities at each facility today have been suspended except those that have been designated as essential. There are no programs, volunteer activities, yard or work details, except those designated as essential, such as food service.

Corrections officials say the exercise is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that at each correctional facility is as sound as is possible.

The stand down comes less than one month after the Feb. 12 escape of convicted killer John M. Manard from the Lansing Correctional Facility. Manard, officials said, was smuggled out of the prison in a van driven by Toby Young, the president of the Safe Harbor Prison Dogs program. They said Young's familiarity with a corrections officer allowed her to drive the van out of the prison without it being searched.

Manard and Young were captured Feb. 24 in eastern Tennessee. Manard is back in prison and Young has been charged in Leavenworth County District Court with aiding in the escape. The officer who did not search the van has since been fired.


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