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Hatching day

Second-grade GRES students learn about life cycles

March 16, 2006

Forty-eight eager second-graders had their eyes glued to the incubators Monday because it was Hatching Day.

Second-graders at Glenwood Ridge Elementary, along with their teachers Daniel Hermon, Lori Zych and Andrea Bezdek, were awaiting the arrival of their chicks after 21 days of learning about the life cycle of chickens.

"This has been a very fun time for the kids," said Hermon. "Each day they would run over to the incubator to look for any sign of change. They knew change was happening inside the egg, and that made it even more fun and exciting to see the chicks hatch."

"When the day finally came the kids knew so much about how the chicks developed inside the egg. It was neat to actually see something they were learning about happen in front of them."

This is the first year second-graders have studied the life cycle of chickens in this way. GRES second-grader Rebekah Miller's family donated the chicken eggs. During the 21-day incubation period, the second-graders learned about the life cycle of chickens and other living things such as frogs, snakes and trees.

"After some research the kids were able to draw what was happening inside the chicken egg," said Hermon. "Seeing the chicken growing hands-on was a much greater educational experience than me standing in front of the class telling them about it."

In all, there were 10 baby chicks that hatched. The chicks will be returned to the Miller's farm at the end of the week.

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