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Lansing Realtor honored for service to state board

March 16, 2006

Members of the Kansas Legislature joined a representative of the Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board in honoring Francis X. Thorne for his eight years of service to the CURB.

At Saturday's Legislative Breakfast hosted by the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce, David Springe presented Thorne, a Lansing resident, with a plaque and read a proclamation expressing thanks for his ongoing dedication.

"(Thorne) has seen a lot of change in eight years and he's given a lot of good guidance to us. And it's only through volunteer spirit and good citizenship of Kansans like Mr. Thorne that CURB can participate and do our job," Springe said.

"(He) has distinguished himself as an exceptional public advocate : giving sage and valuable advice and direction," Springe said, reading the proclamation. "We honor you, we thank you for your dedication, integrity, and commitment to public service."

Several members of Kansas Legislature added their acknowledgements to Thorne's continued service before speaking on issues ranging from concealed carry to school funding in Kansas.

Thorne joined CURB, the advocate for residential and small commercial business utility consumers, in 1996, was appointed by Governor Bill Graves in 1997 and re-appointed by Graves in 2001.

Ross Markle, member of the chamber and moderator for the event, also acknowledged Thorne prior to introducing Springe.

"(Thorne) exemplifies volunteerism and community service," Markle said.


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