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City’s subdivisions plentiful

March 30, 2006

This is a follow-up to last week's column about the growth and changes in our town.

I talked about the early subdivisions and housing areas, and it got me curious about the new ones. Many times I read about this area or that area and I do not have the slightest idea where they are.

I asked John Jacobson, community development superintendent for the city of Lansing, for help. He printed out a subdivision map for me, and I was amazed at the number. I thought there would be about 20, but I counted 72 subdivisions in Lansing. This did not include the Town of Progress, Jameswood, Morgantown or Schmidts.

For the record, I will name the ones I found and hope I didn't leave anything out. These are complete or still developing.

Here goes: Condotels, Fairway Estates 1, Fairway Estates 2, Sycamore Ridge Estates, Holiday Hills, Red Rock Estates, The Willows, Maples 1, Maples 2, Maples 3, Maples 4, Adams Acres 1 and Adams Acres 2.

There's Hampton Place, Meadows, Lansing Heights, Stonecrest 1, Stonecrest 2, Stonecrest 3, Stonecrest 4, Hickory Crest, Linaweavers Glen View, Hickory Ridge 1, Hickory Ridge 2, Wyndham Hills 1, Wyndham Hills 2, Rock Creek West 1, Rock Creek West 2, Rock Creek West 3, Rock Creek 4, Rock Creek 5, Rock Creek Estates and Rock Creek Estates 2.

Don't forget Southern Hills, Cross Creek, Hartridge Estates, Timber Ridge 1, Timber Ridge 2, Country Club Addition 1, Country Club Addition 2, Connie, Town of Richardson, Con-Way Heights, Jayhawk, Timbercreek, Lamborn, Lamborn Estates, Oakbrook, Schmidts, Morningside, Lansing Light Industrial Park, Midtown Court, Carriage Hills, Carriage Hills Plaza, Clear Creek Court, Spencer or McClurg-Thorne.

Finally, there's Jameson Courts, Hillbrook 1, Hillbrook 2, Fawn Valley, Fawn Valley South, Wiley Mobile Home Court, Rock Creek Commercial, Lansing Business Center, Larkin Industrial, Deer Run, Caraway, Curtiss Estates, Sherwood Forest, Towne Center Pointe and Eisenhower Crossings.

Looking at the map, my guess is that if all the empty areas were filled in there could eventually be about 200 subdivisions.

How many of these 72 can you locate?


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