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Pride of Lansing High?

March 30, 2006

To the editor,

About two weeks ago, I attended a Winter Sports Ceremony at Lansing High School. As I applauded for the various sports - girls and boys basketball and wrestling - I was extremely proud of our community for the sportsmanship and discipline involved in the successes of each program. Soon thereafter, I was quite dismayed as a large portion of the audience, consisting of many adults and the entire boys and girls basketball teams (with the exception of one or two athletes) stood up and left as the cheerleaders were being introduced.

When I voiced displeasure of the above incident to a Lansing High administrator, I was told that, "year after year, most of the crowd leaves before the last groups are introduced."

It's rather interesting that we adults complain so loudly when youths cause "trouble" in our community/world. Yet here we have a whole gym full of positive activities, whether cheerleading, dancing, wrestling or basketball, and we can't respectfully remain in attendance to recognize all the youths in their accomplishments. This is shameful of Lansing.

Dawn M. Wilmes

Parent of a Lansing High winter sports participant


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