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GRE students walk to raise funds

May 11, 2006

Glenwood Ridge Elementary students participated in a unique fundraiser Monday -- a Lap-A-Thon. Students walked laps around a cone-lined track to raise money for character trait banners for the school's foyer.

"It is important to teach the character traits to give students the keys to become responsible, productive citizens," said Marilyn McGown, Student Council sponsor and school counselor. "Each month the elementary schools focus on one of the six character traits--fairness, respect, responsibility, citizenship, trustworthiness and caring."

Student Council sponsors McGown and Jayne Hopkins, along with Student Council members, organized the event.

"We wanted to get the character trait banners to help remind students to do the right thing," said Student Council member Jonathan Fulkerson, fourth-grader.

Student Council members Courtney Payne and Allison Heinen added that they want to "help people understand the character traits and help Glenwood Ridge be a better place."

Students were asked to raise pledges per lap walked. As students finished each lap, student council members rewarded them with a wristband. Students walked laps for 15-30 minutes depending on age.

"It was great," said Zachary Kamm, kindergartner.

Although a final total is not available, McGown said she is confident that enough money was raised to purchase the banners, which will cost approximately $700.

"The Lap-A-Thon was a first-time event for Glenwood Ridge and everyone enjoyed the exercise, as well as the community spirit of working together towards our goal," said McGown. "After yesterday's success, we hope to make it an annual event."

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