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Lan-Del, city agree on notification

May 18, 2006

Officials with Lan-Del Water District and the city have agreed to a plan they hope will let customers know when their homes will be outfitted with dual check valves.

John Jacobson, the city's community development superintendent, said Lan-Del has promised to notify customers via mail when the valves are being installed in their neighborhood. The city, too, will "use all of the avenues available to us" - LGTV, the city's quarterly newsletter, etc. - to spread the word.

The agreement came after officials with Lan-Del last month came under fire from residents and elected officials at a Lansing City Council meeting.

Lan-Del Chair Phil Chiles and Chief Engineer Bruce Brown said at the late April meeting that Lan-Del's decision to include the valves was to ensure water safety for the Lansing residents.

The valves prevent potentially hazardous water from being siphoned back into the public supply, should pressure drop in the main system. Such an occurrence can happen during a time of high water usage, such as a fire or even when the Lansing Correctional Facility runs its laundry facilities.

But preventing residential water from returning to the main can result in disastrous pressure increases in the home if it is not equipped with a thermal expansion device.

Jacobson said part of the agreement would have Lan-Del map, on a regular basis, areas of the city where the dual check valves have been installed. The city, in turn, will require thermal expansion devices in those areas when in-home water system upgrades occur.

"When they update something in their water system - put in a new hot water heater, for example - we'll ask them to put a thermal expansion device in," Jacobson said.


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