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Police force’s newest officer no newcomer to public service

May 18, 2006

Having lived in the Lansing area his entire life, Bill Linn was excited when the opportunity to work for the Lansing Police Department presented itself.

After working for the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department, Linn in late February made the full-time switch to Lansing's force.

Linn has had a knack for public service throughout most of his professional career.

Before working for the Sheriff's Department, Linn spent six years with the Emergency Medical Service. It was there that he gained a lot of experience that he could transfer to police work.

Linn said police work was right for him; it sure beats the typical office job.

"I like being out and about," he said. "I like being outside."

As a new officer, Linn participated in an officer-training program, which lasted several weeks. He finished the training earlier this month.

Linn said he used the training time as a means to improve various skills, such as being familiar with city ordinances and policies, as well as familiarizing himself with any changes that have occurred in the city.

Despite making these adjustments, Linn doesn't feel like he's in over his head. He has, however, worked a number of domestic violence calls that he admits aren't easy to deal with.

"It can be a little nerve-racking," he said. "There's times it gets a little stressful."

Linn cited one harassment case as perhaps being the most memorable since he has been with the Lansing Police. He said the case didn't present much information on who the suspects were, but he was still able to find out their identities.

Linn currently works the night shift, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. He said that it was one of the busier shifts, but it doesn't bother him. He is used to working nights, he said, and he even likes how he can start work "at a decent time" and still get rest at night.

He did admit one downside: he doesn't get to see his family as much.

Linn said that his favorite part about working for the Lansing Police Department is the working environment. He enjoys "the camaraderie with everybody," he said. "Everybody gets along."

- Tom Slaughter is a University of Kansas journalism student and will be contributing articles this semester to The Current.


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