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BLHS students enjoy working on milk can project

May 25, 2006

Cows on Parade, Jayhawks on Parade and now Milk Cans on Parade. In preparation for the inaugural Basehor Dairy Days festival, planners devised a unique way to advertise the June 3 event -- milk cans.

"We were trying to come up with creative ways to get more publicity," said Debbie Breuer, Basehor Dairy Days Steering Committee Chair. "This idea seemed like a lot of fun."

Basehor Dairy Days organizers have sought milk cans from community members to be painted by Basehor-Linwood High School art students and placed in local businesses.

"The students have been great," said Breuer. "The students have done extensive research on the history of Basehor to include in the design."

Five art students have completed three milk cans and are ready to work on more.

"I thought the project was pretty cool," said Matt Murrell, BLHS sophomore. "We got to do lots of blending with paint."

Murrell and Michael Mulford, sophomore, worked together on a milk can that chronicles Basehor's history from the beginning as a small town, to the church fire and now to a prospering town.

"What was so great about this project is that they got the experience of painting on a 3-D object," said Chad Harvey, BLHS Art Instructor. "This takes on a completely different set of rules and thought processes from painting on a flat surface. They learned how to mix color and how light can affect color. They also learned a little more about Basehor, which is always neat."

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