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Care counts Elementary students learn about character, receive awards

May 25, 2006

Glenwood Ridge first-graders gave a lesson in character during an all-school assembly Tuesday afternoon.

As a tale was told about four animals that did not display good character, four students acted out the parts of the dog, bunny, cat and red hen through a puppet show.

After the puppet show, students held up signs that read, "Responsibility" and "Care Counts" to bring the message home.

Names of students who have shown good character in the classroom were then drawn to win prizes such as free pizza and beanie babies. Principal Jan Hancock said continually reiterating the importance of good character has paid off at Glenwood Ridge.

"When I go down the hall, I have so many students say thank you and excuse me," she said to students during the assembly. "I notice that, your teachers notice that, your parents notice that and so does the community."

Students who had met Accelerated Reading goals were also recognized during the assembly. The Accelerated Reading program was designed to motivate students to read and track their progress. Students take tests over each book they read and accumulate points based on the difficulty of the book and how well they do on each test.

Several other awards and recognitions were given during the assembly. Marilyn McGown, counselor, announced that every third-, fourth- and fifth-grade student would receive one free video rental from Planet Video for their work preparing and taking the state assessments.

McGown then read a letter from President Bush to Glenwood Ridge announcing that they had won the President's Volunteer Service Award for the many hours of community service put in throughout the year for adopt a family, hurricane relief and the food pantry.

After each student council member was recognized, they presented Hancock with a plaque that read, "Mrs. Hancock, you rock!" for making the school year a success.

Honor roll students and students with perfect attendance were also recognized that afternoon.

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